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jose1990 @jose1990 left a comment for Pegaponyprince
Jan 04, 17 at 12:38pm



Hey man how are you? :D


Happy New Years c:


Yea you can say that ^^
it's somewhat like that
the way I can describe that scene playing out is the fight between Shirou Emiya and Archer within the Unlimited Blade Works reality marble
and that takes place inside The Holy Sword, where the spirit of his ancestor lives in


yea same here, didn't know till later either
Yea it is ^^
But he can't fight at his full potential due to the fact that there is a restriction on him, pretty much preventing him from being OP off the bat and solving every problem in his story lol
What I have are like 3 limiters, that work in stages if that makes sense
1. Has to be in possession of The Holy Sword Passed down his Bloodline
2. Has to have a magical seal broken in order to access his Holy Blood
3. Has to pass a trial set in where he has to face his Ancestor, The Hero of Legend


Don't know if you've come across this but here ^^



Later in the series it is explain thats how it went
And in my story/manga that's how the main Characters bloodline works
with him being the strongest of his bloodline

No problem, i look forward to more :D


Mostly the inspiration I took from the Castlevania series was the Aspect of Family Lineage from The Belmonts
Like each descendant grows stronger than the last, and their Destiny is to face a great evil. At least that was the inspiration I took for the Main Characters story.
Also just overall dark themes the game is known for ^^

that's good enough for me :)
and I enjoyed it ^^
great job man, I liked it a lot, keep it up :D

and that sounds good to me :)


Oh I see, think I can get a sneak peak? :3
And ohh that is interesting indeed :D
Would love to see content from the older games ^^

Well 8 years of on an off type of stuff
But 8 years nonetheless ^^
Mostly I've been influenced by Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776. And some by the other games Path of Radiance, Sacred Stones, Binding Blade.

And then some other games like Castlevania, and The Last Blade
But mostly Fire Emblem ^^

[DERP] Charles _Bronson @redhawk Forgot to add Shadow Dragon as well

You've piqued my interest
Can I know more about it or are you keeping it under wraps?

Actually I have been working on mone for 8+ years and its influenced by Fire Emblem, particularly the older series and not the newer ones ^^