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28 year old Female
Last online 5 months ago
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Jul 30, 20 at 1:30am

do you have a cosplay page

Jun 25, 20 at 11:43pm

Oh nice you like Hetalia, who is your favorite country?


Hi there, we match, would accept my friend request?

永遠のルナ一 @eternallunar1 I don't think you paid careful attention to what was said at the bottom of the wall or even read her bio? Not to be harsh or anything but instead of expecting friend requests, you need to actually talk to people and start an intelligent conversation instead of the typical hi we match. Just sayin from personal experience there's a lot of users who will ignore you cause they cannot trust people on the internet. There's a lot of toxic people in the world who are dishonest. And it doesn't help that this site is infested with creeps trolls and many horrible people on this site so it's understandable. I myself, don't trust people easily either unless I've gotten a good vibe or after a few conversations and getting to understand the person better for who they are. The "hey we match can we be friends?" or any random friend requests from a stranger is boring because you're not showing the person who you are or what kind of person you are.You could be any old creep on the internet and heck I wouldn't want anything to do with that person especially if that was the case. If were me, I'd actually want someone to talk about stuff I'm interested in like hobbies I'm interested in then I can finally get a sense of what the person is like for me to trust them.

So I have yet to really watch My Hero Academia, but I do know about this amazing video where someone replaced Allmight's voice with Johnny Bravo's.(If you happen to remember that cartoon) And I must say, Jeff Glen Bennet's voice is pretty fitting in like a comical way. A pretty funny video if you have not seen it. xP

Jun 11, 20 at 1:50pm

I can’t wait get know you more!!! ^^

Jun 11, 20 at 12:22pm

That’s good! I’m going be little bit busy today, An you seem very nice as well! ^^ I seen all the seasons besides season 4 I haven’t had much time to watch anime lately.

Jun 11, 20 at 10:32am

It’s okay I understand! I would PM you but you have be friends first which kinda stupid lol, hope your having good day hope we can be friends! ^^


Oh yeah and I dunno if you're into sports anime at all? Or interested at all? But one of my favorites is Princess Nine. I haven't seen very many sports animes myself, but this is a really good one. It's about an all girl baseball team that competes against boys major high school leagues. But the focus is on the main character Ryo Hayakawa who's inherited her father's powerful legendary pitch. There's a lot of heart to this anime. The story is so good, there's a lot of excellent drama really good characterizations. All of the main girl characters have unique personalities and talents as well and you get to see how much they grow over time. The music is incredible too! Here's the opening.


Found a pretty interesting orchestrated version of the Totoro theme on Joe Hisaishi's official page and felt it was worth sharing. It's a really well done video and very well put together. The music's timing matches on point with the animation of the flowers and plants really well kinda like Disney's Fantasia in a sense. It's as if Joe's music is bringing life itself. His music is that awesome. xP

Jun 06, 20 at 8:45pm

Hello I read your bio you seem really cool, I see your into My Hero Academia that my favorite, I would love to talk to you and have some conversations! ^^

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