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31 year old Male
Last online 6 months ago
Hi, my name is German. I like alot of nerdy things but my main nerdy thing to do is watch anime and read manga. I am planning on collecting mecha units from mecha anime I like, like Code Geass and Evangelion. I like alot of anime, from romantic comedies like Toradora and my wife is a mermaid, to action like Bleach and High school of the dead. I like to play guitar, video games, hang out with friends and collect Warhammer 40k figures. I also like to cosplay but I only do during Halloween or Kumoricon. I just cosplayed as a random soul reaper from bleach but planning on cosplaying as Hisagi next time. I used to make AMVs but stopped. Don't have alot of time to work on them anymore like I used to.
Apr 22-24