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Last online about 7 years ago
San Antonio , TX
Konnichiwa! I have come seeking friendship, conversation, and most of all companionship with a fellow nerd/otaku. I like most anime genre, and have seen about 200 series from start to finish, some i have seen over half a dozen times. I love cosplay even though I have never given it an honest try, but i certainly lose seeing others in cosplay.

I am am honest individual, kind hearted, and loyal as can be. I'm too old for flings (24) and am looking for someone i can meet on a more cerebral and fun level. I do have my hobbies of course, and if you would like to know about them just message me.

I hope and dream to find my life partner here among others of a like mind. Just say "hi" and we can begin the process to friendship! (or more with Ms. Right)
Jun 6-8
Jul 18-20
Jun 5-7
Jul 31-Aug 2