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Last online about 7 hours ago

A little about me: I really enjoy being able to help others in any way I can. I try to volunteer as much as I can. I found a great passion for teaching while pursuing my doctorate degree in chemical engineering. I am pretty laid back and find myself being empathetic. I enjoy meeting new people and just listening to them. I like learning about others and being a good listener also allows me to be able to give advice when needed. I am quiet at first, but will open up quickly to most. I am an avid gamer. I like RPGS/JRPGS, puzzle games, and action platformers. I also enjoy some PC games such as Valorant, PSO2, etc.. Best way to get to know me is just to ask :)

Some favorites:

Anime: (Top 3 in no order) Demon Slayer, Tie between Fairy Tail/ One Piece, and Initial D (got me into anime)
my anime list: https://myanimelist.net/animelist/darknietzsche89 (really really outdated)

music: Jpop/Kpop, Eurobeat, metal, alternative rock, some mainstream.

Food: Not too picky (I don't like certain things like mayo and mushrooms) I really enjoy chinese, indian, and have a weird favorite of salads.

Videogames- Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Tales games, The Legend of Heroes series, and Persona. Feel free to ask for my ID's (Discord, Steam, PSN, nintendo ID, etc.)

Currently Playing: Valorant, Astria Ascending, Mario Party Superstars (and waiting room for Pokemon remakes).