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Peppino @joemama711 left a comment for nimus_fell
Dec 02, 22 at 4:55am
Awe that's a bummer he should have like a co owner/director who can help if something happens to him or at least someone who sees his same vision. I think Deltarune might be the biggest indie? Game made lol. Also if you like cartoons on netflix i suggest Kipo and age of the wonderbeasts.
Dec 01, 22 at 6:04pm
The funny thing is that there is a LOT of singing in the movie and one time it felt just a wee bit forced but once you learn why then it becomes a lot more compelling. And more than a few scenes got me choked up. If somehow you have the chance to see it on the big screen, its totally worth it. Plus visually its an absolute spectacle.
Dec 01, 22 at 2:25pm
Yo! You seen the One Piece Film Red? All caught up on the series? Dont like spoiling people on it but I need peeps to talk OP with