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30 year old Female
Last online about 5 hours ago
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Hello! Thanks for the friend request. Feel free to chat in the DMs and ask about anything. :)
Howdy there! Thanks for the friend request! Hope you are having a good day. :3
Apr 22, 22 at 12:40am
Thanks for the friend request!!!!
You use telegram or discord?
Would love to make a new friend as most of mine are separated all over the word now after I left the military, and not many had the same interests as me really or stay busy with work. I’m mostly anti-social and im the type to not even think about other people for months at a time unless they initiate contact. I’m friendly fine in public, it just drains me so much lol. Idk im scatterbrained, i was diagnosed with quite a bit of mental health issues as well PTSD, Adhd, Dysthymia, Major Depressive disorder, anxiety, and ive been dealing with CFS/ME and POTS after covid now so its been a struggle. I don’t really have people to talk to and usually get along with females the best since I have more in common with women as a bi male. So just rambling on to say hi basically lol.
Everyone is afraid something. I don’t like robots (I’m secretly love mecha anime and the droids in Star Wars don’t bother me) or the THX sound system noise and logo. My sister has the weirdest fear of them all. She’s terrified of Big Bird to the point that she has nightmares that cause her to scream in her sleep. During these Big Bird nightmares Big Bird loses all of his feathers, turns into a woman, and tries to hit on her. Also, I’m not making this up about my sister’s fear it’s 100% true.
Lac tos, Lack Hoes @joemama711 I used to be freaked out by how horrifying E.T. looked, Pennywise and the idea of things watching me in the dark.
Hey there I am sorry that it sounds like you had a bad experience but you never know what could happen I would love to chat with you
Why did I make a new account here? I swore I’d never come back after what happened here years ago. I am just setting myself up for heartbreak again?
Jacob @jacobl89 That's always possible. Life is full of risk though, and without taking that chance you'll never know.
What I’ve learned this year is to never underestimate stupidity. Just when I think things can’t get any stupider life always finds a way to do so.