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28 year old Male
Last online about 11 years ago
Hey there other fellow Otaku’s, my name is Astin. You can call me Keitaro if you like, my new Japanese name that describes me pretty well ^^. I am 17 year old guy who’s been into Anime since my very first anime was Cowboy Bebop (never watched it entirely though). The type of Anime/Manga’s that I am into are those that has action, adventure, comedy, romance, drama, harem, and horror and some other stuff. I play video games 24/7 368 days a year. I am into RPG’s, first to third person shooter, action and adventure, strategy and a little bit of simulation games. I have cosplayed in the past as Xemnas from KH2, 365/2 Days Later and cosplayed as a Turk from FFVII but have stopped cosplaying for a very long time mainly cuase I don’t have the money to buy cosplay outfits from other Anime’s/games but I do like cosplaying and cosplayers ^^. I’m very into music, can’t go a day without it. It consists with mostly J-Rock and some J-Pop, but other songs as well like Screamos and some orchestra :P Um…I’m an ok guy to hang with, meaning It doesn’t really matter who you are or what you are, what your religion you have, whether you have on or not, if you’re into the same sex or just a little bit or whatever your beliefs are in life. We’re all humans with different desires in life :P.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oh, yeah, um…I’ve never had a girlfriend before, nor have I ever kissed a girl so uh, eh heh, yeah um…so I guess you would call me a um……heh, I don’t know what you would call me but whatev’s right? Ha ha. Anyway, This is my first time being on an online dating site, for Otaku’s so this should be easy cause I’m an Otaku as well so uh, yeah, wish me luck finding a girl, ha ha ^^