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25 year old Male
Last online over 4 years ago
widnes, United Kingdom
Hiiii my name is Dillon and I am a shy guy but when you know me i am very talkative i an looking for friend's .I like to play games like batman and a lot of role playing games. I am bisexual but tend to go towards female I have kik if you want to chat on that just message me that u want it

I am studying my last year of art and design hopefully to be a game designer I have amazing game ideas like the one I have now but it is only me and my friend doing it ^^

I love to watch horror films and anime and listen to a lot of Japanese rock mainly Lycaon and D and babymetal I listen to a lot of black veil brides, Marilyn Manson, slipknot,Nightwish and loads more I can't remember hahaha.

The I'm not aloud section hahaha

I am a really big fan of witchcraft and vampires and werewolfs not the twilight ones haha I wish I could study wicca but I'm not allowed XC
I am classed as a goth but I'm not allowed to wear the clothing I wish as me mother won't let me XC