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Last online about 4 years ago
Lol I am weeb trash.
Kawaii as Fuq
kawaii as hell
Oh my yes!
Oh My Damn
This is my dog, Pearl with pur
Trafalgar themed gift bag for
Throwback Valentines
I'm not grumpy, this is my fac
Makeup! Me with makeup! :)
Sabo Cosplay revamped.
This is the least amount of clo
Trying to be "Sexy" in my new g
Rocking lolita in Little Osaka
I was goofing around with my ne
This is an old pic, I've lost s
Dynamite Tommy (Dir en grey's p
X-Japan live.
Comic Con. :)
Yoshiki back in 2007
Sugizo on his violin at the Jad
Toshi at the Jade and Born to b
Yoshiki gives a bow before he p
Taiji! Rest in peace dude, you
We Are! At Comic Con.
Lady Sabo cosplay! Most recent
Progress Photo! Needs goggles!
Super Cute Girly Time!
Kaoru's Pick
Toshiya Picks!
Shashasha Shot Glasses! I have
Cute? But for the mirror D:
My friend's drawing of me as La
More Pictures