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29 year old Female
Last online over 5 years ago
So, I felt like I need to remake this, so here we go!

Hello Readers, I'm Sabrina, but you are welcome to come up with a creative Nickname for me. I'm currently 22 years old and a Student at university. I'm here for quite some time, originally because I wanted to get to know some people from the country I was born in, the United States of America. I left with my family when I was only 5 years old, and grew up in the beautiful, but boring Austria. Due to my studies, I had the chance to go to the States for 2 Semesters, but instead I went to Germany which had the better offer, sorry 'murica, don't take it personally c;
But I decided to stay here, just talk to some people ^-^ you are welcome to add and message me, but be warned, I get easily attached to people, and some would say I can be an annoyance :P

In general I am a very tolerant person and try not to judge anyone, but I'm just a girl who relies on her own experience. So if you think I get you wrong, don't be mad, rather correct me or give me a better impression.

I like Anime, Manga, Comics, Animated Movies, CGI and Special Effects.

Humans aren't evil, we have different values.
Don't confuse educated with intelligent.
One generation is not better than any other.
One music/movie genre is not better than any other.
If you think you are better than others due to a subjective preferance like the music you like, rethink it.
If you "hate" on celebrities or politicans, rethink it.

And finally: If you hate on a movie, because it uses special effects, CGI, Greenscreen or many explosions, and say its "bad", because "CGI is no art", remember that there are hundrets of people, as talented and dedicated as all the actors and directors, to make the movie a great visual experience.

Thanks for reading! :P

If you have problems with messaging me, here a little game.
You can ask me 1 Question, and I will answer it. But it has to be one of the first 5 messages we write. Sounds like a deal?