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Last online about 8 hours ago
(He/Him)/INFP/Asian/Four-eyes/Gamer/Weaboo/Noodle Lover

I will not be add'n anyone underage! Also, don't add me if you have no intention of talk'n bc I'll just unfriend you anyway.

Mainly look'n for friends! Dating irl depends if I really really like yo ass :)

I don't mind travel'n long distance/relocating for you, mak'n that huge ass commitment but if all I get is one-sided convos, I'm out bc there's too much of that from ppl on here. Learn to converse! I won't bite unless you a gold digga but if your dig'n for gold, it's a gold mine in my nose.

Info about me:
- No irl pics until I get to know you on a more personal level.
- I prefer women same age as me but my limits are 3-5 years younger/older.
- A Pisces man, would like to date a Scorpio or Cancer but there's a ton of Pisces on here hahaha
- 5'8" slightly above average height (T-T)
- Manly/muscular but not to the the extreme. Gotta stay sexy for waifu ya know
- I'm brown, tan when I stay inside alot but burnt toast when I'm out too much, melanin...
- I would say I'm average in appearance but beauty is subjective. I have a beauty mark. I have a dark upper lip, poor lip health during hs years. I am taking better care of them now though.
- I have black hair and eyes, a bit intimidating.
- I'm mainly into White/Asian women but I would date any race tbh. Most women who were into me were Asian/Hispanic. I had an opportunity to date a White woman a few years back on Tinder but passed on it, I regret it now. I like Asian women but ya know Asian parents.....
- I like women with accent, particularly Australian, it's sexy asf
- I work full-time and have other sources of income.
-I don't really care too much about appearance believe it or not bc I have a deal-breaker for most women, I don't share it until I get to know you on a very personal level. It's nothing sexual though XD
- I cook but mostly Asian dishes but if you can cook, me like.
- I love the sound of instruments, particularly piano/guitar. I like women who can play, teach me please!
- I'm a college dropout, smart but lazy. I had to take care of my family/be the father figure since we grew up without one. I already have gray hair bc I've dealt with abnormal amounts of stress at an earlier age than most (-_-||)
- I'm into nerdy/geeky women, especially ones with glasses.
- I go out every now and then, so I'm not all introvert.
- A foodie and family man. I have 4 sisters(1 step/passed) and 4 brothers(2 step). Mother passed :( only my father left.
- I may seem distant but if I'm telling you I like you, I'm seriously thinking about dating you, no joke, I'm just being patient/careful/observant, that's all.
- I fall in love too easily/old-fashioned lol but I'm loyal, believe it or not. I'm only horny towards women I really really like/want to date.
- Dom women turn me on, step on me please!
- I watch hentai but the art style/genres can make it or break it for me. Love the classics. It's a once in a awhile thing though.

Really really really important info about me: I LIKE BUTT ALOT!!! Mid-size is my ideal size, the one Koko rocks LMFAO but it's okay if you don't have the exact size, those cheeks will be clapped. (^_^)

Grew up watching mostly Pokémon, DBZ, Yugioh, and The Simpsons.

All time favorite anime: Yu Yu Hakusho, Steins;Gate, Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Samurai Champloo

Relaxation to me: watching anime/movies, gaming, cuddles, sipping ocha, listening to lofi

Type of games I like to play: RPG/JRPG, action/adventure, hack-n-slash, survival horror, fighting, hunting, souls