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29 year old Male
Last online over 1 year ago

I am more towards Canadian than Korean...except how I look.

I used to live in a more northern part in Ontario, but now living in Toronto for School. I am a bit old, introvert and shy to strangers... I am usually very quiet and not really a party person.
I like to draw, watch anime, read manga and play video games.
I Don't smoke, and never will be interested in drugs.

I Never went to the convention, since I am a bit shy...intimidated to go alone. I am very distant and wary towards people I don't know. Well, maybe I do that to everyone without me realizing it. Anyway, I am more guarded more towards people that are stranger to me.

I don't really do DMs unless it's my trustees so... *cough*

Personality: ISFP (Virgo) APD
I think I am more towards ISFP...personality is hard to figure out...
And not a diagnosis by professional, I have very much avoidant personality disorder. I love spending with my own the most, in my own comfort. However, spending time with El, is exception for me. I am very thankful of her in my life. I wish I was a better person for her.

I mostly play a video game from Nintendo Switch, but I do play from pc and phone. Otherwise, I just like watch people play on youtube...

Currently sharing my heart with Elhaym.
RWBY fan