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22 year old Female
Last online 4 months ago
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Love your pic!

Aug 27, 20 at 1:34pm

How's it going

Aug 15, 20 at 3:38am

oh and if you get mad that i attacked your weight, remember your the one putting so much importance on appearances, if your not willing to be judged on them yourself, then maybe you shouldn't emphasize them so much, that would make you a hypocrite after all.

sadnlonelytenshi @tenshiaig No I agree with her. There should be actual pictures of the user on their profile. No sense hiding behind anime character pics and images
Learner @hakutaku If one user is more interested in looking for a relationship than friendships on thus website, they are more likely to use their own selfies as the pfp(I have noticed an active member whenever he becomes single again, he will post his full-faced selfies in that thread and use one of those selfies as his pfp heh); however having actual pictures of theirs may not mean they are interested in dating, I have seen some users who are taken post their selfies in that thread for fun. Having "actual" pictures in their galleries don't necessarily mean they are real, you know it's easy to get pictures from social media
Aug 15, 20 at 1:33am

Really only adding people who have a pfp of themselves, talk about being superficial. Is that how you make friends, where do you you get that ego? If its the appearances you value so much maybe you should humble yourself and check your weight.

Aug 14, 20 at 11:43pm


lordd18 @lordd18 left a comment for kyli3ann
Aug 14, 20 at 5:02pm


Aug 14, 20 at 9:07am

Hi there, would you like to be friends and accept my friend request?

admiral01 @admiral01 left a comment for kyli3ann
Aug 14, 20 at 7:56am

Wolf children and blue exorcist as your favorite anime means we have to be friends.


Welcome to the site, new person :0

roostetking @roostetking left a comment for kyli3ann
Aug 14, 20 at 1:28am

Hey there~ how's it going? lets chat sometime soon~