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I'm not sure what I really should be putting here besides that I am looking for either a long-term girlfriend or just other people to game and text with. I enjoy playing a few sports for fun, I've tried competitive soccer for years and I will not do that again. I am a laid back gamer and anime fan. As far as anime goes, I enjoy romances, comedies, gory, and action genres. Video games, I play MMORPG's alot, with the occasional single player games.
Few things about my personality. I'm an open minded person open to new things, if you need help with anything or just need someone to talk to. You can always just message me:) I'm more that happy to talk to someone when they're feeling alone. No one should ever be alone when there feeling down.
Oh and I over use emoticons ^-^ :) <(^-^)>
Just found my art gallery from HS>.< http://engage.dearbornschools.org/zackalawan/
Oct 29-Nov 1
Oct 28-31