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Last online about 4 hours ago
Dedicated nerd who loves the company of his friends, both offline and online.
My happiness comes from making others happy, which permeates my whole lifestyle, from the office to my circle of friends and hopefully to my future love.
Big fan of Videogames, Anime, Rock/Metal/Vocaloid music.
Fave cartoon is Invader Zim, Glory to the Irken Empire!
A dream of mine is to travel to Akiba together with somebody to nerdgasm with.

My goal is to test the waters outside the passive indoor-lifestyle and meet people in new ways. Offline outside of work I'm socially very shy and needs to think up a very good reason to talk to people, as I feel I'd just "bother" and "take up their time".

My big dream is to find the right one, somebody to share my life, interests and love with; and hopes that she will do the same for me~ <3

I'm really good at making my friends happy, I always try to make time to hang out with them or help out with anything.
I'm pretty decent at most videogames and am an excellent co-op partner who will always see the adventures to their end if you so wish.

I love everything cute and fluffy, wish I could have pets still, but my living situation wouldn't be the best for them.

Some fave media:
Shows: IT Crowd, Kamen Rider Fourze, Father of Light
Music: 70-90s Rock, Melodic Metal, Game music och Vocaloids.
Top hype right now is "King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard".

Fave food: Tacos & Tortillas. Pasta Carbonara. Moose stew. <3

Fave gameseries: Final Fantasy (I play XIV Online alot!), Zelda, NieR, Metroid, Metal Gear, Soulsborne, Resident Evil.

Life necessary apps:
VIP Aersia (Music videogame playlist on Android), Discord and Steam.

A great day for me would be one without any work or chores, filled with joyful surprises, such as hearing from a good friend after several years.

If you're interested and want to start hanging out, let's try making eachother smile~ :3

If you wish to chat with me outside of MO, please add me on Discord: Korake # 2921