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21 year old Female
Last online over 1 year ago
portland, CA
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foxfire1337 @foxfire1337 left a comment for y/n
Jun 07, 21 at 2:50am
hi im from cali to lets be friends i love your pic its well drawn im not sure where that is from but i like the hearts to very cute lets chit chat tho id pref pm's it helps me keep what im talking about strait as i got a bit of brain dmg ;/ cancer ya know. anywho hit me up if u feel im worth a chat , i wont ask for pics i wont send nudes i wont be rude and im prolly the most chill perrson u can ever meet . that said i am single and looking tho its cool we just friends to (i have discord)
kiomaple @kiomaple left a comment for y/n
Dec 08, 20 at 6:34pm