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33 year old Female
Last online almost 3 years ago
Carrollton, TX
I am an artist and draw regularly. Some of my favorite animes are Oulaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, Devil is a PartTimer, Osomatsu-San, Seven Deadly Sins, DragonBallZ, and Hyouka. I also enjoy comic books, superheroes, cartoons, and other animations.

I also enjoy yaoi, yuri, and hentai. I hope no one will be put off by that.

I have always considered myself as an independent and freethinker. I never followed the in-crowd on decisions or beliefs. I always followed what I believe to be right such as treating others with respect, agreeing to disagree, having an open-mind, and believing things happen for a reason.

I love topics like astronomy, astrophysics, sociology, to name a few.

Here to meet friends and possible partners with similar interests.
Jun 7-10
Aug 17-20