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26 year old Male
Last online almost 2 years ago
Skelmersdale, United Kingdom
H...hello.. My name is Ryan ._. Umm....... I like to do lots of artwork on the computer and I'm pretty good at it :3 I dunno like but yeah, I like girls with really bright hair like pink or blue hair the best.. ._. Light blue, like Erio Touwa or Mia Murakami..

I know this is really a dating website so hence the brief thing above but there's no people into the same stuff for the next 680 miles -.- limited friendship circle so I'm more of a recluse and I stay silent ._.

I'm just an optimist, one thing may lead to another so meh, whatever happens, there's a lot of desperate and overly "rawr xD u is cute" people on this website. Bro you ain't no different than the other 200 guys before -_-
How many people have every actually got together through maiotaku anyway?

I have loads of recurring dreams of running from the police, being in market towns and shopping centres, killing people, hiding from police and so on (just saying) .-.