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123 year old Female
Last online 13 days ago
Kitty Paradise ,
I’m not really 122 it’s just humorous, I love making people happy and letting them know they’re loved cause they are I love armin from aot,rin from Free!, and Batman (I know he’s not an anime character- Never mind he is cause GDMH39 told me so), etc., pizza is my food and cats are my animal. Another thing I love is people (you may be wondering why?) I am known to be (going off what people I know say) kind, compassionate, loving and caring but if you start to mess with not just people in general but especially my family and friends I can get quite feisty and I also have a love for elderly folks and children (their my babies) and I don’t tolerate people who prey on innocents but especially the children it just makes me wanna find em’ and fight them (I’ll make sure I win too). I also have a habit of not caring for myself the same way I do other people, like I have a type of love and respect for myself but it’s not the same level I give literally everyone else and it’s something I'm trying to work on but sometimes I admit it’s hard for me to the point I get frustrated and want to cry but I always remember the fact I’m trying is what’s important. If you are the same way please let’s try to love and respect ourselves together, will it be hard? Yes. Will there be moments we might wanna give up? Definitely. Will I wanna cry? Yes you might and that’s fine but let’s try to remember to love ourselves too not just others. *hugs*

I’ve finally decided to add that I DO NOT have a discord, phone number or ANY social media but as I’ve let many know if I ever do get those things I’ll let you know (if I wanna share with you that is) but I’m sorry as of this moment I do not have those things but thank you for understanding.

Love kit (here’s a cookie) also I’m 5’3 and 145 pounds if you care thanks friend (here’s another cookie). I’m not here to date either though just talk to people cause I don’t have much people to talk to, I also recently have gotten into Chinese anime I love love love TGCF,SVSSS and MDZS (THEY ARE ALL BABIES!). (here’s another cookie every time I add something new you all get a cookie)