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Last online 2 months ago
My name is Kei- it's nice to meet all of you...~ Feel free to message me, I promise I'm friendly...! I don't bite, at least.

Some things about me:

-I draw
-I write
-I'm a bit of a yandere~
-I hate the tsundere trope- and everything about it. It can be so obnoxious...
-I’m one of the most hands on people you’ll ever meet- from crafting, to cooking, to my beginner coding knowledge and to my art, I’ve always got myself busy with something.
-I love watching new shows and playing new games- feel free to send me a recommendation or two~
-If I had longer hair, IRL I'd basically be Aoi Asahina... Or maybe Akane Owari. Ya girl thicc as shit
- I'm friendly! Feel free to talk to me, okay?

Bands I listen to:

~In Love With A Ghost
~Mother Mother
~The Neighborhood
~Glass Animals
~Panic! At The Disco
~Myth & Roid
~Assorted Vocaloid producers (Most notably Hachi, Deco*27, EVE, Kanon*69, and Syudou)
Apr 7-9
Mar 30-Apr 1