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23 year old Female
Last online almost 4 years ago
I'm Indonesian. So like I'm born there ;-;

I'm a gamer also sweets are life!
Favorite cake: Mango Mousse
Favorite drink: Honey Green Tea with or without boba.

I have a PS4,PS3,WiiU,3DS also PC.

I play Blade and Soul. If u play on NA hit me up and we can play together ^^

I mean my life is boring.... I like Korean Drama, and I play piano and violin.

Then sports I play tennis, basketball,swimming and golf.

I wish to make more friends cause I wanna start YouTube as a side job soon... But as you see... I'm not very interesting lol.
But I'd love to have friends that can show support ^^

If you wanna know more don't be afraid to ask ^^
Just message me
Add me on Skype (ask)

Or on PSN: HellScythe209

I need friends on there... I play alone and it sucks.
Jan 3-5