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23 year old Female
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Oct 01, 16 at 6:15am
Mar 01, 16 at 6:09pm
Yeah. Sorry that we can't play together yet. XD
Feb 29, 16 at 4:06pm
I still can't play it. Oh well. I'll just have to wait until I can get my other computer fixed. Especially since it's also my work computer. This really bothers me because I waited years to play it in english. XD
Eclairr @eclairr left a comment for ✧Bella_Vanna✧
Feb 28, 16 at 2:53pm
League of Legends :)
Feb 28, 16 at 2:48pm
Sadly it crashed. It plays fine, but when I try to fight something the game freezes. So I have to try and edit the settings to a point where it can play.
Eclairr @eclairr left a comment for ✧Bella_Vanna✧
Feb 28, 16 at 12:49pm
Nothing much, Just another gaming sunday!
Eclairr @eclairr left a comment for ✧Bella_Vanna✧
Feb 28, 16 at 9:36am
Thank you! :)
Feb 27, 16 at 8:28pm
Ah. Well I'll be sure to add you when I play again. I decided to just go ahead and download it on a different computer. I just hope my computer doesn't crash from the game. XD
Feb 27, 16 at 3:54pm
No. The class looks interesting, but I already have a Blade Master and a Kung Fu Master. Due to how I play, I never like using magic much in games. I prefer using characters that can get up close to attack. Or in other words, I just wanna punch stuff. XD
Feb 27, 16 at 12:15pm
We should, but I can't play the game at the moment. The computer I was using to play it on isn't working. I need to get the battery checked out and possibly replaced. I might need to switch to my less awesome computer if this ends up taking long. ;-;
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