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foxfire1337 @foxfire1337 left a comment for jonnyboi
Jul 15, 19 at 7:39pm

there are a few flaws in overlord mostly number like 1 min they say somebody can cast only 5th teer in the next sceen she says she can cast 7th teer so little oops's all over like that if you really watch it specially in the graveyard scene.

that said the only real issue is season 3 ep 13 the demon god cgi is just such damn garbage hey really skimped on the troll army scene as well all the men and trolls hobble not walk x.x;;; still love the damn series tho

foxfire1337 @foxfire1337 left a comment for jonnyboi
Jun 20, 19 at 3:43pm

very much i watch it like over and over its the only show i have ever been able to do that with i love every episode but the very last on eof the season 3 cuz the animation / cgi is just so damn bad. but they were out of money so i guess id rather have something than "wait" for it to come around tho i hope they finish it soon my biggest pet peve are really good anime not finishing what they start and the story goes no where . ;/

foxfire1337 @foxfire1337 left a comment for jonnyboi
Apr 30, 19 at 2:25am

love the pic

woof-chan @notyourbitch left a comment for jonnyboi
Mar 29, 19 at 8:50pm


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