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26 year old Female
Last online about 1 year ago
glasgow, United Kingdom
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Sithik @sithik left a comment for JMCG
Nov 19, 21 at 1:15pm
niceguy6669 @niceguy6669 left a comment for JMCG
Oct 26, 21 at 3:11pm
Are you awake darling?
Blueberrypie @blueberrypie left a comment for JMCG
Aug 05, 20 at 12:44pm
Oh sweet any online games and Freaking sweet hard enough to find someone who has even seen RedDwarf (one day il think that name and not here the theme music ..but this is not that day )and Black adder these days let alone likes them ..which is odd because there fucking awesome
rhatalent @rhatalent left a comment for JMCG
Jul 30, 20 at 1:29am
zelda game you would never bother to play again
ConceptSama @conceptsama left a comment for JMCG
May 06, 20 at 6:19pm
Jesus Christ You could probably slap those titties from 2 states away. " I do believe this was a battle I was never destined to win".
Hey, how's it going? I like your taste in anime! Would you like to be friends?
olzden @olzden left a comment for JMCG
Jul 31, 19 at 9:14am
Hey what's up I love red dwarf also! What do you think of the newer series ^^
xxx @__removed_d3adly_v1p3r_ left a comment for JMCG
Jun 30, 19 at 12:08pm
Hi there , I read your bio and saw u like some pc games, any in particular? I'm a bit of a mmorpg nut (games like world of warcraft, bdo, rs3) and im hoping to get back into pc gaming so if you ever wanted to chat games or even life I'd really enjoy that. I also have a brother living up in Falkirk so not to far from Glasgow actually lol which I found to be quite interesting , I've never really left England so if I'm ever up that way it'd be cool to meet u and u could give me a tour cos I hear it's lovely up there and so much more calmer than down south , I hope to hear back from u soon :) I'm Jamie btw
chipper @chipper left a comment for JMCG
Apr 22, 19 at 8:37am
Your dog is cute as hell
jerus90 @jerus90 left a comment for JMCG
Jan 11, 19 at 6:11pm
Heya. looking for some new people to chat anime and games with If you'd like drop me a message back :)