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35 year old Male
Last online 7 months ago
Oklahoma City, OK
Never really sure what to put in these things but here goes.

Pretty much an anime fan and gamer, with anime tastes varying from action/adventure to psychological thrillers. Gaming tends to be more towards Fantasy RPGs (Both video games and tabletop), strategy games, and a few others sprinkled in for flavor.

Personally I enjoy good conversation, a relaxing night, and maybe a drink every now a then. I have interests in history, technology, metal working, leather craft, model building (Mainly Gunpla, but every so often military builds), and swordplay, European and Japanese.

Only been to one con so far sadly and have only done one real cosplay (As the profile pic, ZAFT Pilot, Gundam SEED) but want to do more and eventually want to improve the uniform I have to make it more in line to what a real military uniform would look like. (Just gonna hate it at summer cons... ;.; )

Anything else, feel free to send me a message!
Jan 5-7