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34 year old Male
Last online about 1 year ago
My currently shown image is my Xbox Avatar. I need a new photo of me...

My real name is Jacob, but... I use my username almost everywhere online. Either is fine anytime though. ^_^

Short version:
-Currently employed, part-time (Client driver and book reader; it's great!)
-Currently in college (BYU Pathway Worldwide)
-Otaku of many, many series across all media. Like, a lot.
-Books: I have hundreds of manga, novels, and comics. A lot are imported (in Japanese) as well!
-Shows: Tons of anime series (over 500). I love Doctor Who, Bravest Warriors, Legend of Korra, Adventure Time, RWBY, and more.
-Games: Tabletop/card/video games, I love them! New and old are both good, so long as they are enjoyable in their way. But... expensive also sadly applies.
-Podcasts: Quite a few! Started with Welcome to Night Vale but so many now! (SAYER, BomBARDed, Alba Salix, Project NOVA, Ask a Manager, the Dice Girls, and more)
-Music! (I love Japanese voices, so it's the far majority for me. But also soundtracks and some English groups such as Dragonforce or Lindby/BomBARDed)
-I also like to sing. I am a Bass, sometimes I join in our ward choir. Mostly I just sing alone, just random nonsense I come up with.
-Art: Collector (I'd draw as well... but I'm not very good and put my time into other things in the end)
-Male (without question)
-Religion: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
-If you don't know much about our church, a big part is that family MATTERS. That whoever I devote my life to (wife and children), I'm not doing so halfway. I want to be your best friend and with you forever! It means that I care completely. (There are people that claim to be a religion but are simply lying or choosing to be terrible "examples". I'm not going to claim to be the best example myself. But I try, and I hope I'm doing a good job in my life.)
-I'm human too, if that helps.

I am diagnosed with Aspergers (aka: high-functioning Autism). Hopefully, you understand both the good and the frustrating that can come with that. (If you don't know what it is, in a simple nutshell, I have a mental/social disorder. I do like to be with people and prefer group gaming. It's confusing for me too.)
If that's a blatant turn-off, I'm sorry, you're missing out on a dedicated best friend and one of the biggest anime collections you will ever come across, and I want to have someone to really share it with.

As to particulars, well, I actually range pretty well with what I like. Or maybe too widely, depending on who you ask. -_-;
I don't care for making lists... they get too long, and I can't remember THAT many. Not unless it's a list of a subcategory, maybe.
(THAT was the "short version"? Sigh...)
Oct 8-10
Mar 24-26