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27 year old Male
Last online 12 months ago
Trap Lord

Now that I am actively using this website I will actually make one of these. My name is J, one letter, I was pretty lucky to get the name on here. My favorite Anime are ones that really change my perspective, have an excellent plot, or accurate gun-play. Detailed gun-play from a country that doesn't allow civilians to own firearms shows how enthusiastic the author/illustrator is to include guns.

Manga wise, I started reading approximately 6-7 years ago whenever Highschool of the Dead emerged. The manga had me hooked within the first few pages.

I'm an enthusiastic person and very adventurous. One Piece will always be in my favorites, due to it being positive and always encouraging adventure. I love driving, I started driving in the Appalachian Mountains and learned city-driving in the Rio Grande Valley. I want to see the world, and I want to share that experience with someone.

My music taste varies, I like Electronic and Rock/Metal/Punk, my favorite band though is The Offspring. Electronic Music I started listening to through Basshunter and later made my way to Daft Punk. I used to sing a lot, but now my loli voice took over my practice time. I mentioned the loli voice, if you are curious to hear it I'm sure I can send a recording of it!

I'm a Sagittarius, Lawful Neutral, and an ENTP.