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28 year old Male
Last online about 1 year ago
United Kingdom
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Praxis @stazmae left a comment for isley
Dec 14, 20 at 2:35pm

Huh. Sorry for the late response.

I would recommend My Hero Academia; Banana Fish, Gangsta, Seraph of the end.

They're a few more action ones, but I would also recommend 91 Days.

Not a lot of people talk about it, but it's an overall great watch, in my opinion.

spaceangelkee @spaceangelkee left a comment for isley
Sep 02, 20 at 6:52am

Hi! Thanks for your message ^^
I’ll add you so let’s chat through dm :D

Aug 31, 20 at 5:15pm

What do people do if you like to hang out/watch anime as a group (interested in all types except maybe yuri) :P