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Yeah. I wanted to report them, and when I looked in Help for a way to contact I didn't see anything to file a ticket, or anything. Is there a specific User I should send the names, and screenshots of? I figured I should warn people since the scammer(s) will probably keep making accounts/using different pictures/trying to go after different people.
On a more serious note: Please report these accounts to a moderator and provide screenshots as well
Oof. That actually brought back a memory from my retail days... Older guy came in buying a steam card one afternoon. He voiced about how he had no clue what the card was for, and only that he knew it was the one he needed to get. I sold it to him thinking he was getting it for a kid's b-day present. Day later he came back into the store saying his "niece" told him it didn't work, and read out loud what "she" said off his phone. When he put his phone down to dig through his wallet for the receipt I could see he was sexting with a "girl" who sent plenty of spicy pictures that was very clearly catfishing him for free stuff... I didn't have the heart to tell him...
Only boomers do actually give them money
Same but I know of a few single guy's from this site that I think might... XD Just making sure they, and anyone else keeps their guard up while the catfish makes their attempts. Haha.
Apr 09, 21 at 8:32am
wouldnt ever catch me falling for that lmao.
I feel that one my dude. They do it to pad the "Average gameplay time" for how much content is in the game. That way they can say shit like "Over 168 hours of content!" when it's really like 36 hours, and then a bunch of side quests, or collectibles that take longer than they ever should have to in order to get. It's basically the game designers not respecting your time, nor intelligence.
Apr 02, 21 at 10:42pm
What is with RPG's and having annoying ass mini games. Freaking yakuza like a dragon has a minigame where you pick up cans. There is an item i wanna get but it costs 500,000 points. Each round depending on how good you are will get you like 12,000 points. Do you realize how many rounds i have to do in order to get that much? Then i have a few more things i wanna get after and they are all 80,000 eachfor the love of god.