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Term Paper Topic Ideas

  • An Illness Called Conscience

This paper presents a philosophical discussion on the "Genealogy of Morals", second essay, by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. His statements are dissected and analyzed and his underlying meaning is explored. Philosophical essays usually have a deep moral meaning that the author is trying to convey. Sometimes metaphors are used as well as shock value speeches. These are all discussed within this paper and what the author meant when he said that conscience is a science. There was one source used to complete this paper.

  • Analysis of "Sunday Afternoons".

This undergraduate paper is divided into sections. The main idea is that, even though the structure of the poem is quite simple, the theme is a very complicated one, related to psychological development.

  • Analysis of a Main Theme in Garcia Marquez' Short Story Big Mama's Funeral.

In this paper to do my homework for money I will discuss a main issue in the short story called: "Big Mamas' Funeral" and seek to find the most interesting point that lies with that chapter. By analyzing one main point within the short story, we can see and illuminate a certain aspect that stands out and reveal it in what the author is trying to say.

  • Analysis of On Beauty.

This undergraduate paper analyzes the relationship between the conception of beauty, and the manner in which beauty is reflected in the body of the poem. In this case the correlation is found to be perfect.

  • Analysis of the Roethke Poem Papa's Waltz.

This paper according to the paper and programming homework help service will analyze the poem "Pap's Waltz" by Theodore Roethke. By understanding the relationship that Roethke had with his father, we can see how this man created a poem with the text written so powerfully. By analyzing the elements of the poet's writing, we can see how he has created an image of his father in the poems essence. The relationship that Roethke had with his dad will touched upon and the results of this violent father/son dance will be explained within the text written by Roethke.

  • Analysis of There Will Come Soft Rains.

This undergraduate paper provides the responses to all five questions about "There Will Come Soft Rains". Everything in this short story points to the Nazi regime, although it also concerns war and nuclear war.

  • Analysis of Passages from Montaigne and Pascal.

This three-page undergraduate paper is an analysis of passages from Montaigne and Pascal. The paper examines the main ideas that form the context of the passages, as well as the underlying assumptions and the implications.

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