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Fran chouchou

26 year old Male
Last online about 3 hours ago
Glasgow, United Kingdom
my name is Franny im 26 years old from Scotland and im happily taken and i love anime manga video games and drawing and on here to make friends however i dont do pms on here so please post on my wall maybe through time once i get to know you we can pm anyways some of my other hobbies include archery photography and waterfall climbing camping and replicating bbq pit boys recipies.
favourite anime shows
Read or die tv/ova
spice and wolf
to the abandoned sacred beasts
miss kobayashi's dragon maid
rin daughters of myneosymne
ouran high school host club
cardcaptor sakura
monster girl doctor
favourite manga:
black butler/kuroshitsuji
my girl friend is a t-rex
plus sized elf
strike or gutter