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30 year old Male
Last online almost 11 years ago
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hey hey whats up ^^

Karimoon @karimoon left a comment for holloweclipse
Aug 29, 10 at 2:49pm

Why hello there, a guy who likes Fruits Basket huh? You sir have made my day! :D lolz I've just gotten into Bleach I try to catch it every saturday night. what part of ohio are you from, do you happen to frequent Ohayocon? I went the past 3 years. ^o^


Hello! this is LonelyOtaku8. i missplaced everything so i made a new account. So how are you?

Jan 04, 10 at 6:15pm

Hello! i also love to cosplay. i take major pride in it.im also addicted to anime. its hard to find someone who is in that type of stuff isnt? feel free to write me back. you sound like a really nice guy ;)

Dec 09, 09 at 12:08pm

your picture kept showing up almost everytime i turned around- and so i had to check out ur profile. It really interests me, and we have a lot in common. feel free to IM me.. or watever ^_^

Nana @sango12592 left a comment for holloweclipse
Oct 12, 09 at 5:31pm

Welcome to MaiOtaku ;3

_ @themoonkitty left a comment for holloweclipse
Oct 12, 09 at 1:49pm

Saw you on the noobz page and figured I'd say Welcomez to MaiOtaku. So0o0o WELCOMZ!! Mew =^.^= hehe

Farhana @farhana left a comment for holloweclipse
Oct 12, 09 at 1:34am

Welcome.Me...like anime alot.

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