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natsualpha @natsualpha left a comment for hobo_3_
Jun 21, 18 at 9:05am
sup. ^w^
otakuandrew @otakuandrew left a comment for hobo_3_
Jun 18, 18 at 11:04pm
Anime Cringe Alert—> Hi there UwU How are you! > ~ <
Moon Bunnies @brandonxyz left a comment for hobo_3_
Jun 02, 18 at 8:20pm
Hi ^.^
"Uwahhh~ you're so punnnyyy oh youuuu~" Hey guys how many pick up lines or puns can you think of at the top of your head ;D list em all out ~! It can be any type like nerdy chemistry ones to the cheesy ones or the ones that just make you facepalm and turn off your pc ||,D "Hey are you swifter sweeper, because you sweep me off my feet" "You're so cute, do you have any moe pics of you?" "I'll be your nidoqueen if you'll be my nidoking" "You're very whalecome" -I mean I came up with a digglet one but...-
I'm TRYING to find a kind hearted individual ;~; I mean I sometimes let certain people take advantage over me in exchange for their friendship and everything works out fine. There are different levels or types of kindness in my opinion ._.