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gabe_rod @gabe_rod left a comment for hithere7523
Sep 08, 13 at 10:34am

Hi ^^. What is your favorite anime?


Sorry for the SUPER late reply lol. Work has been raping mah face so i haven't had time to get on.

Hows it been?


did you get my message?


Hahaha, hey it's not a bad thing though! The sooner you're finished with your classes, the better B).

In anycase, what have you been up to lately? Any plans for the weekend?


Haha, that's usually the case when you're going to school. A lot of time is taken up going to class, doing homework and etc, i've been there, i know lol.

But it's good to know that you try to put in a productive day with what time you have :)

Daayuummm, all of that currently at the same time? Tryin to get it all done huh? haha


Well, it involves a girl lol I would prefer if this was private mind adding me so I can send you messages?

Aug 21, 13 at 10:54pm

Same here. I'm about to get ready for school myself next week and been busy with work lol. Hey do you mind if I ask you a question? XD


I'll have to definitely hit up the Tennessee Aquarium if i ever swing by there. *BUCKETLIST*

GLUH! i want that design on my Pajamas. I would die for a pair lol.

Bleehh spare time, if i'm not working out, i'm probably playing video games or writing songs. Maybe sports if i'm not lazy lol.

How about you? whatcha doin on your free time?


That's ok, owls, eagles, finches, I love all kinds of birds lol So how have you been?


Haha :3

Ah, you're very much like me haha. When I see anything Penguin, i go flying towards it and I can see anything "Penguin" related from years away haha.

>:O I am so jealous! I'd be a happy kid if I ever got to get up to a Penguin up close. That and the noises they make <3 lol.

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