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Last online 4 months ago
I don't really know how to make a bio so I am mainly just gonna list my tastes and interests at the bottom.

I mostly watch Vtubers and play video games currently, but still watch anime and read manga regularly. I can speak some Japanese, have 3 years of formal lessons, but am far from where I want to be with it. I want to make games and/or write novels, I am a rather creative individual but my ADHD has made it difficult to accomplish much.
Some may call me a degenerate, I prefer open-minded.

Main games I am playing right now: Pokémon Violet and Overwatch

Favorite Western Media:

The Magicians
Stranger Things
Umbrella Academy
Psych (recently started)

Red Rising series
Mistborn series
Ready Player One (and Two)
Escape from Furnace

Anime/Manga Preferences:

Favorite genres: fantasy/sci-fi
Least favorite: Slice of Life (one of my favs is SoL tho)

My list on this website is incomplete, the total amount of anime that I have finished (or that have gotten new seasons since I finished) is 117.

Top Favs:
Your Name
Zetsuen no Tempest
Magi (including Sinbad)