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29 year old Male
Last online over 9 years ago
Not much to write any thing about me, just your every day anime geek :3
also I like playing yugioh and watch the anime series..well most of them. My fave Deck types are Dragons and fairys (not gay lol xDD)
I like to yugi-tube over on youtube, if you want to know what my youtube account just ask :)

never had a girlfriend but I don`t mind Because I usually would prefer the girls I meet as friends or see them as friends. my reasons well..I get really shy when someones asks me out ^///^ and I back out from a date >__>;

And yes I do like watching anime, I would list them all I like but..uh there to much to list xD one main anime I like watching is yugioh 5Ds and Soul eater! =D

Not just anime I like to watch, I love reading and you know what I love reading? yes Manga! the Mangas I like reading is comedy horror and comedy romance =)

so I hope I can be friends with you all ^____^