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yoko☆ @myceliumage left a comment for heatherlyn
Aug 26, 22 at 11:00am
Yo, nice to meet you :p
Jul 28, 22 at 11:47am
I don't think what I posted went through right. Not sure. When you can spend time on a game for hours that's good. I adore being able to replay a game and still feel excited. You know the plot but there are feels. And Akira was super feely. I have not seen it in so long. Was an odd show but that's back in the era where violence was intense. Fist of The North Star, Gayvur. I rewatched both awhile back.
Oh and i forgot to mention zelda minish cap for GBA ^-^ my all time favirote since it was my first and i was on it for hours I still adore it to this day. I remember being whimped out with titles like Akira when I was very young till I slowly got more into it and opening more to the plot of what was going on lol some stuff we change on I guess
I haven't played Link Between Worlds before. I've looked into the timeline of Zelda before. If I recall I think there are three. I have played some of the others like Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time. Goodness that series got dark. As for being freaked out by Elfin, I was surprised when it got gruesome as it did. I remember bits from the manga. One of the more shocking moments for me was when the girl with those 20 some odd Vectors survived a missile, if I'm remembering right.
Jul 26, 22 at 4:10am
Hello. I'm new here. Not good with this whole greeting thing. I'm pretty shy with those types of things, like ice breaking. Your profile says your shy too x3 I saw you like a few anime I've seen, feel so long since i last saw Elfin Lied. As for Zelda, I adored a Link to The Past, and I remember original two Zelda on the NES. They were a nightmare to play XD
Howday there. Read your profile and see you like a lot of the same games as me. What's your favorite Zelda game? :3
I'm another year older today woohoo https://youtu.be/F3Q9sFsa8cQ
vanfanel2022 @vanfanel2022 Happy Belated Birthday!
acebandage @acebandage left a comment for heatherlyn
Jun 03, 22 at 10:14am
Hello Heatherlyn, stress is bad. I'm willing to listen if you want to vent.
mrmanga123 @mrmanga123 left a comment for heatherlyn
May 07, 22 at 1:53pm
Hi, nice to meet you.
I either been absent from this place to having to break away for a temporary while, had alot of stress going on with my personal life with alot of changes going on and I apologize if I had anyone worrying what's been up
mirai_k @mirai_k left a comment for heatherlyn
Oct 27, 21 at 8:12pm
Hail brave woodlands adventurer and fellow anime fan! And wow, there's actually another anime fan in PA? Did you recently restart life here from another world after being brought here by a witch? Or perhaps Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing sent you here to keep you safe from vampires? Whatever the reason, glad to have ya here! Oh, and don't worry about the snakes. I shall raise my Master Sword and shield in your defense and protect you from them! Actually I've had a few interesting animal experiences myself, ask me and I'll tell you. I must say I was worried at first about posting here cos it looks like the last 3 people you talked to below here have been mysteriously eliminated . **gulp** I wonder what happened to them? **looks down and sees Death Note in Heather's hand** Uhhhh.... on second thought.... nevermind I don't wanna know! If it's ok with you I'd like to add ya so we can chat about anime, games, the woods or anything else. And it's ok if you're shy. Just as it is in anime, shy girls are usually the nice ones and most worth getting to know so I hope I get to do so :)