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30 year old Male
Last online over 5 years ago
Bordeau, France
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Destroyer @destroyer left a comment for Hadesu
Jun 03, 16 at 10:45pm
Y-your making me blush.^//^ W-well i to have feeling's for you to hehe.http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/17500000/lelouch-code-geass-17552928-1024-1471.jpg As commender i hear by placeing you into my close friend's.
Hiatus @reicah left a comment for Hadesu
Mar 21, 16 at 4:43am
Mar 16, 16 at 12:35pm
Oh Miarin! What did they do to you?? *OO*
‍Animekid @animekid left a comment for Hadesu
Mar 16, 16 at 12:20pm
Cool, thanks for the info ^_^
BubbleSparkle @kjdreamer2 left a comment for Hadesu
Mar 16, 16 at 12:52am
Lol Hiya! Nice to meet ya too. Omg I love Hades! <3 He's my favorite Disney villian xD
M u g i ❤ @stellalina left a comment for Hadesu
Mar 14, 16 at 12:33pm
Oh so awesome! You like that one character the bishojo star prince dude lmao. He's pretty cool and handsome but reminds me of MC Donalds sometimes.. Still though I personally do like him as well.
Mar 12, 16 at 4:57pm
Just finished my today game mastering of my rpg on net with my friends. 6 orcs against them on the first encounter, they killed them all but one of them broke his own leg on the carriage that have been destroyed. They are in deep shit for the next episode.. http://38.media.tumblr.com/8ffd60aa5e9c05bc38d1dae07264ae8b/tumblr_mfkjleB6YW1s1pzqko1_500.gif
Thank you^^ awww man i havent been trolled in ages
Maria @miarin left a comment for Hadesu
Mar 10, 16 at 5:47pm
I don't recall ever being a plant, no thank you.
Mar 10, 16 at 4:55pm
Wait you changed it after I left... well this is awkward.