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28 year old Male
Last online almost 3 years ago
Phoenix, AZ
Im just going to be straight up. I love manga with a heavy storys. I still get teary eye at the M.V shelter. Im native american. Raised up in the sand dunes out in the rockys Ranch. Now living back in the city. Im a cabinet builder so i do come back home cover in saw dust. Im a amateur at guitar but i can play saddness and sorrow. I got into art but slowly drop away after high school. I guess it was the rivals in artwork that give me drive to get better at art. I a self hobbies at cooking. I still play N64 games. Im bad at remembering names, but do something dumb/funny and i will remember you for life i may forget your name but the event lives on in my head lmao. I may laugh out of no where. No im not crazy its just i barely remember something dumb/funny randomly. Im or was writing a book. But i dont know how to continue the story.i guess if im speaking the truth im just looking for someone who is similar to me or can be compatible with me. Im Capricorn. I do try my best at teying to save money. So i dont go out eating. I make thw best at the simple thing at home.
Yup so i may sound "sh/wh/eird" at times. Yup