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Last online 7 months ago
Hi there ^-^

Ehmm where should I start ... owo

Anime and Manga have been part of my life since my earliest childhood memories.

I love reading and watching fantasy worlds in any scenario and also cosplay various characters out of Anime, Manga and movies as well as doing LARP and attending cosplay conventions.

My other hobbies include Kung Fu, sports, philosophy, art and playing the piano, where Kung Fu is a major defining factor in my life.

Outside of hobbies, my work life consists mainly of studying science and also working part-time in the same faculty.

Character traits:

-straight forward
-always aiming higher
-forest and mountain child
- X3 ^o^/ °^° QwQ ~(=^w^=)~

It may not be a surprise, but I'm searching for a significant other that shares the same values, can laugh and also cry with me and will always accompany me on our shared adventures and challanges.

Apr 30-May 1
Jun 3-4