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23 year old
Last online 3 months ago
Coquitlam, Canada
Hey, lookin for someone to chat with and chill who also might want to go to events on occasion.

I like Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Horror Adjacent, and I really like stuff that makes you think. (I'm also open to whatever if it's good enough)

If you're into trippy stuff like Serial Experiments Lane than DM me so we can nerd out.

Other than anime I like Video Games and Normie Word Books. I'm a major nerd, like old school math and science nerd. I have a passing interest in codeing, and I'm currently building a VR headset cuz there expensive. I'm also into parkour (but I won't make you join), and I'm learning to fly a plane.

I'd like to try DnD and Roleplaying but an a bit awkward.

I went 40 pages in and was still finding stuff I've seen, so sorry my list is incomplete.

Also I'm not ranking each one.