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28 year old Male
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slang0724 @slang0724 left a comment for frozen
Nov 26, 20 at 12:22am

What up?

jay @jayashr1 left a comment for frozen
Nov 16, 20 at 6:49pm
Lamby @momoichi left a comment for frozen
Nov 03, 20 at 7:47pm

actually im kinda happy with the hunter changes so far

bm at least is such a simple af rotation, just kill command on cd, keep barb shot applied, and filler with cobra shot

that's it, so simple

pot doesn't help libido does it? and for me i think sleep > fapping and eating. nothing is as good as sleep.

Snake (Chairman of Coom) @solid_snake95 My libido is too damn high ;-;
Lamby @momoichi i wish i had that problem, fapping is great
Snake (Chairman of Coom) @solid_snake95 Its not a problem until ypur partner gets fed up with it and thinks you have fapping problems. Like I gotta find a mutually lewd ass person as me.
Lamby @momoichi oh i see :o i mean, is it becoming a problem? (sorry for the intrusive question xD dont respond if your uncomfortable, im just a curious cat)
Snake (Chairman of Coom) @solid_snake95 Well not as much as it used to be with my ex. But like I kinda feel like its happening too often I get turned on. I would feel good about it if I had someone who enjoyed that.
Lamby @momoichi hmm does exercise help curb that? something to exhaust you physically?
Snake (Chairman of Coom) @solid_snake95 Yes it helps me alot to work out and to work so when I get home I am too exhausted to do anything. Im always busy but even despite that my libido demands more as soon as I got rest. XD
Lamby @momoichi thats good to hear! im sorry to hear its hurting your relatiopnship, but personally i dont see why fapping a lot is necessarily a problem if you arent shirking other things to do it
Snake (Chairman of Coom) @solid_snake95 Im not. Im still doing all my other tasks fine.
Lamby @momoichi left a comment for frozen
Nov 03, 20 at 7:24pm

mmmph you ever watch the pvp tournament during blizzcon? the only one to ever play resto shaman was cdew, no one else dared touch it for pvp, yet cdew rocked it and beat so many teams (he never won though, always second place xD poor guy)

i loved the small heal, the big heal, riptide hot, and then the aoe heals from rain and chain
just a well rounded healing spec

but it seems like theyr getting rid of abilities again in shadowlands, so i wonder if that'll hurt resto

and I'm a vegetarian (soon to return to vegan) because of empathy, and a straight edge because of trauma >w>/ otherwise i fap to excess, i eat to excess, and i sleep to excess >w>/

oohh i see, if you have any lemme see!! nice of you to let him have them, i know how expensive those fuckers are xD

Lamby @momoichi left a comment for frozen
Nov 03, 20 at 7:08pm

i gotcha, boss

resto imo is best heals, it had both burst heals of holy priest and hots of resto druid

from what iv heard ele is very strong in instances, but open world iv gotten my ass handed to me

slaanesh is the excess one, right? cause if so hes my fave god too =w= nurgal is a sweety but i like hedonism

have you ever painted any of the figures?


I've switched back and forth from resto and ele pretty often, but I loved playing ele in wotlk. Haven't played him in bfa tho so I have no idea what they're like now. In wrath they were nutssssss. Lava burst hit like a truck.

And lol based off of what you said we probably know similar amounts. I've never read 40k stuff other than army codexes (codecies? Idk) but yussss.

Chaos daemons and chaos space marines are awesome. If I had more money when I started I would have gone CSM (I was like 14 and split my army with a friend). Nurgal is pretty cool but i identify with slaanesh! The intersex hedonist occultists! They have demonic ambiguously gendered marines who have distorted electric guitar guns and all they do is fuck and take super acid and other future drugs. Fucking hella better than that ultramarine toxic lawful good crap >_<

Lamby @momoichi left a comment for frozen
Nov 03, 20 at 6:43pm

iv got all the horde allied races unlocked and 2 of the alliance

racials are fun!! specially the ones the allied races one

i don't know a lot of Warhammer, bf-kun has always been really into them and i do enjoy painting the figures (i did some trashcan ork figures)

but i hate the imperium simply because the 'lawful good' paladin shit is cringey and boring to me, i like chaotic evil, and bf-kun is a papa nergal weeb, so hes indoctrinated me into the chaos gods

but i really like adaptus mechanics, especially the evil ones (cause fuck rules)

and what spec did you play with shammy? iv always been ele and i swear this xpac i felt so squishy, id die if i had more then two mobs on me

Lamby @momoichi left a comment for frozen
Nov 03, 20 at 6:25pm

i went to zandalari

i miss orc, in mist-legion i almost solely played orc, i love orc lore and how muscley the females are

but zands stole my heart (plus that extra gold and free parachute racial)

Lamby @momoichi left a comment for frozen
Nov 03, 20 at 5:49pm

loo9kin through my old save album and found my hunters old mog

iv race changed her since though

Lamby @momoichi left a comment for frozen
Nov 02, 20 at 10:24pm