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ookamilw @ookamilw left a comment for foo_fighter
Dec 27, 19 at 10:00am

I work 6-7 days a week myself so I know what burnout feels like. My advice, Mini vacation wherever you can get them, That's what I do. I dont know if it'll help you, but I turn any device that someone can get in contact with me off, sit down and watch some old,very bad anime, boot up the ps1 or ps2 depending on what I feel like playing and tune the world out for a couple hours. In my experience, even a couple hours after work every day helps me, but at the same time I have very few familial obligations, so that may be easier said then done.

TLDR: version, make time for yourself to do and think about nothing is my only real advice.

elhaym @elhaym left a comment for foo_fighter
Oct 01, 19 at 8:36am

Learner @hakutaku left a comment for foo_fighter
Jun 27, 19 at 8:53am

Ur country's!

leilum [gd's] @leilum left a comment for foo_fighter
Apr 29, 19 at 5:15am

Thank you. :)

sushie @sushie left a comment for foo_fighter
Feb 27, 19 at 8:54am