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38 year old Male
Last online over 2 years ago
Atmore, AL
I'm here to make friends with other fellow Otaku and maybe even more than that if that special someone exists. Every sunday I attend church at an ALJC church which is similar to that of Pentecostal faith in terms of beliefs and hope to one day find someone that is into anime as much as I am that has the same beliefs as I do. If you scout my Anime list then be it known there I'm likely missing quite a bit of what I've watched before. Outside of anime, I enjoy cooking, gaming, reading manga and light novels. In terms of fitness, I am average weight and stay in shape by walking a mile and a half every day 6 days a week, and then do various other exercise to stay in shape. My height is 5ft 4.5in and I weigh in between 165 - 170 lbs. Message me if you would like to become friends and talk sometime or have any other questions about myself. If you're looking at my profile picture, I picked to be close to match myself as close as I could find to my facebook profile picture.