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22 year old Male
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Z├╝rich, Switzerland
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neither did I, I think it is actually more special to have recived chocolate on V day
Never received chocolates on Valentines Day. I would be sad if this is true @xinmage
I love plushies too, but I always strugle to buy them. Have you got any recommended sites? I found this cute Raphtalia in my local anime shop but never really on the internet
I love plushies
@blissfullforce1818 @blissfullforce1818 seeing that would make me think all of the girls I adimire and would be interested in are already taken and feel even worse xD. But honestly I don't have any right to complain about my life, everything except romance is going well. So I guess the saying: "you can't have everthing" is true
@eddy_teddy One day it seems impossible but then the next day you attend a convention and see a bunch of cosplayer couples making their way past your lonely wretched self. And you think: "If they were good enough to achieve such perfection then why can't I? How am I worse than them? Why don't I deserve the same perfection?" That's the type of ironic bitch that life likes to be.
Actually good but again in one of my "I am desperate for a girlfirend" phases. They are nothing special, just feeling a bit sad and annoyed. They come and go from time to time. how about you?
How is everyone?
hey ya, Actually Good but somehow again in a "I am desperate for a girlfriend" phase. They come and go but nothing special, just annying and a bit sad How are you?