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28 year old Female
Almere , Netherlands
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Doge-man @chaddywallie left a comment for diu
Sep 20, 21 at 9:23am

En hoe bevalt Maiotaku tot zover ? :o

trustsuki @trustsuki left a comment for diu
May 04, 20 at 6:47pm

Jou fav anime lijst is 10/10

nuelinho @nuelinho left a comment for diu
Apr 06, 20 at 8:01pm

Hi! Super tof profiel haha en je komt uit Almere ook?! Accepteer mijn verzoek dan kunnen we chatten!

Lisanthur @sanfi left a comment for diu
Jul 31, 18 at 3:10pm

Hey, ik zie dat je hier redelijk nieuw bent. Als je iets wilt weten of gewoon iemand zoekt om mee te praten, kan je me een berichtje sturen ~.^

Hey, I saw you're relatively new here. If you want to know something or just want to talk to someone, you can send me a message ~.^

RedTempest @redtempest left a comment for diu
Apr 30, 18 at 4:46pm

Hey, had the same problem with the picture. Make sure the picture is a .jpg file and click on the picture while it is loading and it should work.