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Last online over 7 years ago
Born and raised in Hawaii, I have been watching and collecting anime starting with Gatchaman and Starblazers. Alot of anime that I have in my enormous collection are not in the www.maiotaku.com database, so when I have time I will add to maiotaku datbase files. A tattooed genuine hopeless romantic nice guy who still believes in chivalry and looking for that "Happy Anime Ending" with a nice girl. I have been a video console gamer since the "Atari Vs. Intellivision" days back in the 80's. Currently enjoy playing videogames on the PS3/XBOX360 and PS4/XBOXONE, freshwater fishing, NHL Hockey ( New York Rangers Fan), My Family, and Science Fiction/Horror/Drama/ Comedy/Action/Independent movies. I love animals and have a diverse taste in music (Jazz, Country, Rock, Etc.), but listen mostly to 80's Punk Rock/Hardcore, Horror Punk, New Wave,Thrash/Speed/Death Metal, Post Punk, Crossover- Thrash Metal/Hardcore and Rockabilly.