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Dec 06, 13 at 6:21am

I have a feeling I put it in wrong but its still funny

Dec 02, 13 at 2:03pm

Well that's good :3 lol couldn't help myself and looked up directions from my town to PA. 5h, 28min drive :p

Dec 01, 13 at 12:26am

transfer here :p

Nov 27, 13 at 7:52am

I wish we could hold onto our employee's >.< do you work midnights at your store? or during the day? We also have a $2000 bonus next April for being in the top stores :p

Nov 26, 13 at 12:14am

yay someone who knows the pain! sorry I hate my store >~< were 8 on the top canadian stores and keep getting a lot of unwanted attention. we also arnt aloud to bring in new employees when we could really use them.

Nov 24, 13 at 2:10am

lil well I seem to be in the same pardicamint. we keep getting excess product thst we don't need. >. <


yea it's been chaotic at work all week since it's getting close to thanksgiving >.< and i'm not looking forward to working thursday and friday

Nov 23, 13 at 4:06am

that's okay :3 I guessed you were busy.

Nov 18, 13 at 7:50am

:D 5198-2689-7246 my name will come up as Melissa because that's my real name >~< I didn't want to use my real name for this site but I trust you :3

Nov 17, 13 at 4:10am

do i play pokemon? thats a silly question. of course I play both :3 I love pokemon and grew up watching it. I also have a butt load of cards from first gen to I think 3rd gen. I have all the games except emerald cause I sold it to my friend. I collect the cards now since most of my friends who played went to school or moved away. :c

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