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28 year old Female
Last online 1 day ago
Humble, TX
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nuke288 @nuke288 left a comment for death_valley
Jul 06, 21 at 4:08pm
Have you ever played Monster Hunter?
Jun 16, 21 at 11:10pm
Would be nice to get to know another texan
Angel @azriel214 left a comment for death_valley
Feb 18, 20 at 5:03pm
Hey, I play overwatch. Also I am from Dallas, Tx
hi all! I'm new to this site, I figured I would try to make friends maybe more idk. People call me Dee~ I'm an INFJ so sometimes I take some time to get comfortable with people but I'm really trying to put myself out there. More about me, uh I am really shy. Really, really shy. I get really anxious when I talk to people but I bet some people here can sympathize with me I am into gaming and anime. XD I like a lot of games been playing Maple Story 2 lately so thats been a lot of fun. Pretty pumped for Soul Calibur VI! Never played a fighting series before, so I am excited. I play a lot of indie games thanks to HumbleBundle and I play some HOTS, especially Lili and other healers, but I'm not very good at them Q_Q. I do like playing healer, though. But, I've played a lot of games, so just ask! Anime-wise, I LOVE shoujo, like Toradora and and Skip Beat. I actually love School Days, too. I also really like shounen like HunterHunter and BNHA. And One Punch Man! I am also open to anime and gaming recommendations so if you know something you think is cool shoot it my way I am glad to be here but really nervous! feel free to send me a friend request! :)